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State of Abundance

In this special five-part series, we explore how drought, floods, fire and more are playing out in California, the United States's most productive agricultural state.

Illustrations by Adam Ming

California is an agricultural powerhouse, producing over a third of the country’s vegetables and three-quarters of its fruits and nuts. It’s also experiencing extreme weather in the form of heat, drought, wildfires and floods, issues experts say will become increasingly intense and frequent due to climate change.

In this Modern Farmer feature series, we dig into how climate is impacting California’s producers through the lens of five of the state’s most iconic food products: dairy, citrus, salmon, wine grapes, and almonds.


‘An Insane Amount of Water’: What Climate Change Means For California’s Biggest Dairy District

by Naoki Nitta

Tulare County is the largest dairy producer in California and the U.S. But as climate change exposes the region’s vulnerability, could the industry collapse under its own weight?


There’s No Cure for Citrus Greening. California Growers Have No Choice but to Keep Going
by Emily Baron Cadloff

The bacteria is fatal to citrus trees, and has decimated citrus groves in Florida and Texas. Now, California growers are holding the line to keep producing the vital crops.


California’s Salmon Are Teetering on the Brink

by Rose Garrett

The state’s prized salmon have a will to survive against the odds. Can we get out of their way?


Why California Wineries are Embracing Fire to Avoid Disaster

by Julie Tremaine

The California wine industry has been rocked by years of destructive wildfires. Now, it’s working to adapt before the next big one ignites.


Almonds are Under Threat. The Key to Saving Them Could Be in the Soil

by Emily Baron Cadloff

Rising temperatures, lack of water and encroaching development are creating tough conditions for the crucial California crop. Their continued viability could all depend on strengthening the lands on which they sit.

Series edited by Rose Garrett and Emily Baron Cadloff
Illustrations by Adam Ming

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