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We love the Modern Farmer community, and encourage active engagement from our readership in the comments section of our stories. In the interest of maintaining a constructive and respectful community space, we ask that readers adhere to the following guidelines:

Community Guidelines

  • Be civil. Respect the varied experiences and perspectives of writers, article subjects, and your fellow readers. Harassment, impersonation, ad hominem attacks, and derogatory comments will not be tolerated.
  • Be clear. Write your comments in a way that others can understand. Avoid comments that are incoherent in syntax or format, such as all-caps. 
  • Stay on-topic. Keep conversation relevant to the topic at hand. Avoid tangents and grievances. 


Moderation policy

The Modern Farmer team moderates all comments before they are published to ensure that our community guidelines are being adhered to. Comments that violate the above guidelines, including personal attacks and name-calling, sexually explicit content, deliberate misinformation, spam or commercial promotion, or off-topic or repetitive comments, will be deleted.